Of All The People EP

by The Fellow Man

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released November 21, 2012

All songs written and recorded by Bruno Mira
Invited musicians specified in each track's credits
Cover picture by Vera Marmelo



all rights reserved


The Fellow Man Lisboa, Portugal

Kind of a folkish thing. Better listen.

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Track Name: Own Way
You kept the bricks and threw the bones away
You drew the line and choose another way
It's your life, it's your life, not mine

You never told me what you had in mind
You never had the guts
To speak what you though was right
It's your life, it's your life, not mine

I cannot make you see
What is so clear to me right now
It's so sad, so sad
And it hearts me deep inside
To realize
The wicked lies you chose to believe in
You chose your own way

I'll move aside and let you move along
Who knows, with time
You'll understand you're wrong
It's your life, it's your life, not mine
Track Name: Deliver Me
Another day, another night
And times goes by
Another war, another fight
And I wonder why
Can’t we all just get along
Walking side by side

Do I really need to kill
To stay alive
Do I really have to steal
My brother’s pride
Just to feel like I’m a better man

Deliver me
I don’t want to live like that anymore
Please set me free, oh Lord
Let me spend my days wishing my fellow man
The best in life

We all bring the same with us
The day we born
We all leave this world behind
The day we die
Is it worth to waste our time
Fighting our own kind
Why are we so blind
We’re brothers and sisters
Under the same sky
Track Name: Careful
Be careful with the sun
Careful with the clouds
Be careful with the kids
And the screaming, it’s so loud
Be careful with the colors
And the music all around
It could make you smile

Be careful with the dogs
Careful with the cats
Be careful with the frogs
And all the fluffy pets
Be careful with the grass
And the slippy mud around
It could make you smile

Why are you so sad?
Why so serious?
Why can’t you see life is all around?

Be careful with the people
Careful with your friends
Be careful with the mirror
You never know who’s going to show up there
Be careful with your mum
And your crusty loving dad
It could make you smile

Love bullets aiming right to your heart
It’s up to you to hide or open up your eyes
And wake up
Track Name: Baby Girl (A Song For Carolina)
Baby girl
You make me want to dance
And make a fool of myself
Just to hear you laugh

Baby girl
You gave me a brighter day
And put a smile on my face
When I needed the most

You are the brightest star in the night
You are the sweetest thing in my life

My sweet, sweet little girl
I trade my heart for one single kiss
A kiss from you

Baby girl
I want to see you grow up
And always be there for you
No matter what

Baby girl
This ain’t no easy world
But sweetie I love you so
And that won’t change
Track Name: Home To Me (A Song For Susi)
You’re beautiful to me, more than you would know
Baby can’t you see I’m in love with you
And after all this time it still feels paradise
Every time you tell me that your heart is mine

It’s the deepness in your eyes, the fondness in your smile
The tenderness inside your heart, the sweetness of a child
The comfort in your words making me always believe
That everything will be alright as long as we don’t quit

We’re meant to be together now and forever
And I will always come home back to you

Of all the people in the world, I wonder how could that be
You choose someone like me to be your family
You’re more than I deserve
It’s God’s grace revealed in you, babe
Everyday I thank Him for favor me that much

You are home to me 2X
So I will always come back
Back to you
You are home to me
And home is where I want to be