Gorgeous Green EP

by The Fellow Man

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released March 24, 2012

All songs written and recorded by Bruno Mira

Emanuel and Simão (Cast A Fire band mates) gave a hand with percussion and drums on some tracks.

The cover is a photography of a Somel's painting.



all rights reserved


The Fellow Man Lisboa, Portugal

Kind of a folkish thing. Better listen.

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Track Name: Sing With Me
Hey, hey
Why are you so alone?
Though we’re not perfect
We can sing along to this song

Hey, hey
Why don’t we start again?
This life is too short
To waste our time with petty talk

So sing with me
We’ll find a way
To walk the same road
Sing with me
Should we fight, babe?
Or should we dive into love?

Hey hey
Why don’t you look at me?
I am the same guy
That you met a while ago

Hey, hey
What is that sad face?
Yesterday is gone
Let’s make today worthwhile

Let’s spend our life together
And have a lot of kids
Build a place of our own
And have a family

Babe, you’re a gift from heaven
And I need you now
To stay with me
Track Name: Not Enough
Tell me about it
Never thought it would get to me
But you never know
You never know

You see it everyday
Happens all the time
But always with others, you think
Everyone but you

Give me the strength today to carry on
It’s not enough to know I’m not alone

Touch my eyes
Let me see beyond the clouds
Let me know the rain will wash away
The dirt in me
Making all things new again

Living the life
Taking the time to enjoy the climb
Staring at the empty sky
Sharing its light

But how wrong could one be?
It never crossed my mind
Misery got to me
And took away my pride

Holding my breath
Under the line
Fighting to keep my hands up high
Waiting for you to save the day
Will you get here on time?
Track Name: Flags
A storm is rising on the skyline
And one more time I’m about to lose control
I am stepping into the quagmire
And I can’t see what’s ahead of me
But I won’t stop

I’m just a foreigner in this land, Lord
And now I know I do not intend to stay
And even though it’s hard to let go
I will go on, marching to the drum
To meet my fate

With flags up high
Giving you my last breath
I’ll fight the good fight
Committing what is still left of me

My hands and feet are tied and I can’t breathe
I’m on my knees holding on to memories
I’m a prisoner of my own will
Because I am free
Free inside of me
Since I met you

I’m willing to fall down so that you may live
Track Name: Killed Me For A While
You smiled and without words
You spoke what’s on your mind
Your unbelief consumed those hopes of mine
You killed me for a while

I tried to disguise the teardrops in my eyes
How insignificant
I must look before your simple narrow view

But time will heal the scars
And grace will build me stronger
I will rise above the stars, the sun, the moon
And find my way

Sometimes it’s so hard to believe
Those were just lies
And that it’s still worth the fight
To stay true to my beliefs and promises

But time will heal the scars
And grace will build me stronger
I will rise above the stars, the sun, the moon
And find my way
Beyond the bruises
And through the prisons
Until I get there
Oh hear me, can you hear me now
I’m so grateful that you were just who you are
Track Name: Best Of Me
I wish I could live a thousand lives
Walk the moon and touch the skies
To rock the crowds and heal the scars
But all I’ve got is right now

I wish I could climb the highest tree
And explore the deepest of the seas
To pull the winds and cross the sands
But all I’ve got is right here

So I will try to give the best of me
Because every second counts
If the next could be the last
So I won’t run away from you

I wish I could draw the finest line
And inspire hope with perfect words
To chase the beauty of a smile
But all I am is right here

I wish I could fly away
Be the hero and save the day
God knows I try
God knows I can’t
Because all I’ve got is right now

So I will try not to lose my mind
While I seize the day and try to find my way
Across the reveries

Hold my hand, never let me go
Because I’m not that strong and need you so
Sometimes I feel like a halfway deal
Like a fragile twig in a world of steel

I’m trying
And I’m hoping
But I won’t make it
If you don’t make me
The man I need to be