All Is Sound

by The Fellow Man

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This is a split record between THE FELLOW MAN and WE BLESS THIS MESS. Hear the rest, here:


released May 11, 2016



all rights reserved


The Fellow Man Lisboa, Portugal

Kind of a folkish thing. Better listen.

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Track Name: Throwback
World it’s full of greed
Corruption is the seed they’ve tried
To plant on our lives and dreams

But we were taught to think big
So big it turns out to be
Bigger than we are! x2

Throwback to the days
We’d be happy with the small things
Small things

I don’t watch the news
Neither buy the newspaper
I get sad and confused
By the fact we’re the trouble maker

But we were taught to think big
So big it turns out to be
Bigger than we are! x2

We’re so obsessed
With the days we have left,
With the reach for success
That lead us to madness
Track Name: Love, Lead Us Home
Nevermind, I would never compromise
The chemistry within, the physics bellow
It’s just me and this hurricane inside
These things just come and go like birds in the sky

Girl, I’m so sorry
If I ever make you feel you’re all alone
Girl, it’s our story
Let me never forget that we are one

Life is crazy, makes us say stupid things
But that’s just what they are, and nothing beyond
I’ve got things to do, places to go
People to meet, songs to show, though…
It only makes sense with you by my side

Side by side we walk together
Until the last words of our tale
If we find ourselves lost in the desert
We will let our love lead us home
Track Name: Sound (feat. We Bless This Mess)
Motions, waves in the oceans
Ripples in the fabric of time
Red words far deeper than wine

Voices, echoes and noises
A frequency from back in the day
A radiance that’s never astray

It’s you again, over and over
You’re still the same
You never changed
I fell in love with the sound

Notions, routines and trojans
A seed hiding bellow and behind
Aeon buried in the simplest of minds

It’s you in me
In everything around me
In every tone resounding

Fingerprints of pure love
Energy sculptures within and above

Oh my, I can’t even start to describe
My, oh, my, all those harmonies of light
It’s the sound of your voice
It’s the heartbeat of life
Track Name: Hazy
Sitting at the table, staring at my front door
Remembering the days when we used to walk and talk
About everything and nothing

It was just a year ago when you took me with you
Put me on a plane and said
– “We’re gonna have a great time together!”
And we did, yes we did!

So we walked and talked, smiled and laughed
We took the car and drove it far away
Just to spend some time

I miss you like crazy when the future looks hazy
Never really got how much safe you made me feel

Now, looking back in time, I see the sacrifice
The many times you and mum paid the cost
So me and my brothers had enough
Yes, you did it out of love

You were a man of faith, were a man of grace
Never quit the chase
Always taught us the way to God
How grateful we are

A lost bullet took you away
Stole the chance for another day
But I still hope to see you again

Wish I could go back in time
And tell you of my endless pride
To have someone like you